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3M Perfect-It Boat Wash 473ml


3M Perfect-it Boat Wash is a professional strength concentrate, making up to 60L to safely clean a variety of boat surfaces.

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The 3M Perfect-It Boat Wash is an important first step in achieving a truly professional gelcoat finish.

This high-suds formula works without stripping wax while removing grime, algae, dirt and other common marine contaminants to create a clean, clear surface for refinishing. In fact, it works on every boat surface from bow to stern.

Its concentrated formula requires only 10mL per litre.

Product Features:

  • Cleans from stem to stern without stripping wax
  • Cleans grime, algae, dirt, and other common marine contaminants
  • Professional strength concentrate makes up to one gallon per ounce
  • Important first step in cleaning and refinishing your surfaces
  • Using this product prior to restoring and waxing will greatly improve reconditioning outcomes

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