Brett Lee started his lifetime association with CruiseCraft boats when he was just 10 years old. He fished for bream in a 10 foot timber dinghy built by Kevin Nichols when Kevin was doing his boat building apprenticeship. Brett ‘s father, Cec was a stalwart in the Southern Cross fishing club in Toowoomba. The club had a fleet of the timber dinghies which they would tow to the Jumpinpin area of the Gold coast behind a timber bay cruiser that was built by Kevin’s father and founder of CruiseCraft boats, Roy Nichols.

In later years Brett also owned Casper an Outsider 625. Then came his current vessel, an Explorer 685 hardtop. Brett said: “I flew to Melbourne to check out a new Haines 760, but after making the comparison with the Explorer 685, well, there was no comparison and I went with the Explorer.” Brett is a regular around the offshore reefs near 1770 with a crew of great mates including Stumpy, The Captain and Smiley. You get the picture – it’s a fun crew.​