He’s one of Team CruiseCraft’s most active members and a guru of offshore fishing as well as in stainless steel marine fabrication – David Green. Always willing to share advice and a first port of call if you are trying to figure out how to modify or repair something made of stainless steel, or even fine-tune your sounder. We’ve seen plenty of photos of David in fishing publications and in Team CruiseCraft happenings – we expect that’s something which is going to continue.

David’s wife Karen provides a ramp to ramp limousine service for the big fella. When he’s ready to load his boat back on the trailer, he phones Karen who drives to the ramp, reverses the trailer into the water allowing David to drive straight on. And who snaps on the D-shackle? Why Karen of course!

David’s son, Andrew has followed in his father’s piscatorial footsteps. As a youngster, Andrew had already landed some spectacular fish – among them, a 31kg cobia which he nailed on the wreck of the Sea Dragon on the Gold Coast.​