We’re very, very fortunate to have a great diversity of interesting folk in Team CruiseCraft and Eddie Sheppard from Western Australia is right up there with the best of him. The ex-South African is he pretty handy with a rod and reel, he also logs every species of fish he catches. So far the score is 75 saltwater species ranging from a milk spotted puffer fish to a brown spotted wrasse as well as 24 freshwater species ranging from a Mozambique tilapia to a Moggel.

What’s more, Eddie, pictured here wrestling a large Samson fish off the sand, runs his own web site: www.fisheagle.homestead.com. There, he lists the species he has caught as well as providing news about his adventures.

And as Tim Shaw used to say in those classic Demtel television advertisements: “But wait, there’s more!” Not only does Eddie record every fish and tell you where he caught it, if you click the hyperlink he provides on the species, it takes you to a photo of him holding the fish.

Outstanding – every capture perfectly catalogued serving not only as a record of his wonderful achievements, but also making a handy reference guide for all fisherfolk.​