Meet Greg Morris from Boomi in northern New South Wales – successful farmer, recreational pilot, crop duster pilot, thrill seeker, rodeo clown and owner of an Explorer 685.

Greg previously owned a 26 foot Sea Ray but figured: “It just didn’t have the zip for crossing the coastal bars” which he regularly visited in northern New South Wales. So Greg headed off to the Sydney Boat Show with the intention of buying an Evolution.

But when that boat wasn’t at the show and the CruiseCraft Explorer 685 was, it became a pretty straight-forward decision. “You could have hit me in the face with a wet fish like in the television advertisement – it really had the wow factor.”

With wife Toni and seven daughters aged between 18 and 33, it was clear the boat also was going to need to win the female vote … and it came through with flying colours.

Greg then joined Team CruiseCraft, read about the Boyne-Tannum Hook-Up tournament in our newsletter, rang friend and TCC fishing stalwart David Green and then immediately booked himself in to join the Boyne Tannum Hook-Up crew. David had told Greg how conditions varied from glassed out to ‘pretty ordinary” so Greg decided to brush up on his rough water skills.

Not one to do things by halves and armed with a headful of good info from ‘Greenie’, Greg headed straight for one of the most vicious waterways on the Australian coast – the South Passage Bar. After a few trips in and out, “It all made sense pretty quickly.”

Greg rated his first Boyne-Tannum as the ideal opportunity to push through some serious water in the company of other CruiseCraft owners. “The confidence I now have in this boat and how well it performs, is right up there. At times we were in three metre seas, pushing along pretty hard – it’s great to know that the boat can handle that.” And when he’s not watching seas rise metres above his bow, Greg is just as happy camped on the river on his property, catching fish and exchanging funny experiences with a group of good mates.​