Now this is how to travel in Executive comfort and style – Ken and Billie Hunter use their luxury cruiser as an upmarket caravan when on the road.

With the opening of the Western Australia demersal fishing season (which in general terms is that group of fish which live near the seabed in deep water), Ken and Billie head down towards the Bunbury Yacht Club where they have an on-water berth.

Ken got quite strategic during the purchase of their Executive 700 promising to name it Gale Force (Gale was Billie’s maiden name) if he was allowed to make the purchase. And Gale Force it now is.

Ken writes: “The CruiseCraft Executive 700 may not be designed as a thoroughbred fish killer, but for us it works quite well for both weekenders or longer and as an offshore fishing platform.”

The photos above were from one of their longer road trips to fish the Exmouth Gulf. In 2010, Ken and Billie were on the road for six weeks living in the Executive. Their only complaint: “After this duration, the standard mattress seemed to be a bit thin.”​