Rob and Kath Edmonds know that showing lots of red makes us turn green with envy. What a life these guys have. A holiday home up at Mossman (north of Cairns) where they keep their Outsider 685 and regular visits from their sons Kieran and Rowan, both keen fisherman.

Kieran is such a considerate son. He takes his wife Kelly and their son Noah up to Mossman to see his parents every opportunity he gets. He doesn’t go up for the fishing of course. Oh no. Just being the perfect son taking little Noah up to see Nanna and Pop. What a guy!

“I reckon fishing in a CruiseCraft 685 offshore on the Great Barrier Reef has to be about as good as it gets,” Rob said. Judging by the smiles in these photos, Rob and Kath have pretty well got that sorted.

They’ve of course caught marlin as well. In one encounter Rob said: “We were trolling a small popper near the reef when a reel went off. We looked up and saw a 1.5 metre marlin totally out of the water just 40 metres behind the boat. It jumped like that three times before diving. During the next 15 minutes Kath drove the boat while I tried not to lose it. We were in almost milky calm water. Eventually the marlin was able to throw the popper before I could get it alongside.”​