Fish 360 S

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The F360S is as versatile as they come. Built off our proven 568 hull, enjoy your days whether you’re fishing in shallow creeks to mangrove-lined rivers, open bays to offshore. This boat ticks all the boxes.

You can be sure when you first take control of an F360S you will be blown away with this boat’s capabilities. If you are searching for an impoundment, inshore/bay boat, or a highly capable offshore fishing boat then the F360S has everything that you are looking for.

Ample amount of storage onboard including the large cast deck with an oversize hatch opening to a large storage box that can be optioned with insulation for food and drinks or use for fish storage. Feel safe on the water with the smaller members of the family moving around on the boat with the high side decks that also provide great support for offshore fishermen when needing an area to lean against.

The versatility of the F360S is second to none, with its modern sharp entry and flare at the bow this boat will handle most conditions that it is thrown into. With our BIG little boat, you’ll be the envy of other boaters at the ramp when you set off for a weekend of boating.

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F360S Brochure & Performance Bulletin

Cruise Craft F360S Our BIG, Little Boat!

There’s nothing this 5.68mtr weapon can’t handle!

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