Cruise Craft continues to enjoy a long association with Yamaha’s class leading outboards.

Over the decades, both Cruise Craft and Yamaha have evolved and their product offerings have developed to meet the demands of the market. Drawing on cutting edge technology has been a priority for both companies.

The Yamaha range of four-stroke outboard engines are the number one choice for serious boaters everywhere. Yamaha offers an unmatched reputation for reliability. Yamaha’s class leading design and innovation delivers superior performance and fuel efficiency under all conditions, whether that’s heading offshore to chase some serious fishing action or just a relaxed weekend on smooth water with the family.

Cruise Craft and Yamaha work in close partnership during the testing and evaluation of new products. All new Cruise Craft and Yamaha combinations are tested at Yamaha’s facility in Brisbane to determine the optimum propeller, engine height and rigging set up for each boat in the Cruise Craft range. This “power matching” procedure means Cruise Craft customers can be confident that their Cruise Craft boat will be set up perfectly first time every time.

Yamaha has once again taken marine technology to the next level, with the industry-first and game changing Yamaha Helm Master® EX boat control system.

Helm Master® EX is a fully integrated boat control system that makes navigating and getting to your destination easier, and once you arrive, gives a whole new level of control to precisely manoeuvre your craft to exactly where and how you want it. 

Never before has a single outboard engine been paired with a joystick control, delivering exceptional versatility and innovation. When it comes to twin, triple and quad engine applications, the new Helm Master® EX excels even further, with seamlessly integrated multi engine control.

No longer do you have to install multiple third-party devices such as steering and control systems, autopilot navigation and additional heavy batteries – nor the hassles that come with complex integration systems. With Yamaha’s Helm Master® EX, you get all of the benefits of these systems and more, in a simple, clean and fully integrated, plug-and-play system. And because every component has been designed, engineered and manufactured by Yamaha, it works seamlessly together to deliver the ultimate in reliability, durability and performance.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned expert, Helm Master® EX guarantees to make your fishing and boating experience easier, more enjoyable and productive.
By delivering effortless control over your boat, you get to spend more time on the spots where the fish are biting and less time setting up, anchoring or trying to fine tune your boat position. 

Helm Master® EX – turning every fisherman into an expert.


One of the key features of the Helm Master® EX system is the suite of built-in SetPoint® functions which provide a range of position-hold and drift modes, that give you next level control over your craft, once you have arrived at your destination.

Single Engine & Multi Engine

FishPoint® works to maintain the boat’s position. Simply identify your chosen fishing location and hit the FishPoint® button. Helm Master® EX then takes over using minimal engine RPM and the electric steering to hold your position. The vessel can move in 1.5, 3 or 6 metre increments (preset in the gauge) with a bump of the joystick forward, reverse or to either side. FishPoint® is perfect for stationary fishing directly below the boat.

Single Engine & Multi Engine

DriftPoint® allows you to keep your bow pointed in a set direction while allowing you to naturally drift via the prevailing current and/or wind. One twist of the joystick moves your boat’s bow heading angle by 1 degree, while a twist and hold moves it by 5 degrees, with additional twists up to 50 degrees. DriftPoint® is great for drift-fishing a reef or watching a sunset from the stern.

Single Engine & Multi Engine

DriftPoint® Track allows you to maintain your bow heading, while drifting along a set track (route) of waypoints that you have plotted using your compatible Multifunction Display. The boat will drift and use forward and reverse thrust to follow the predetermined route. This is handy when trying to follow a same depth contour or for keeping a certain distance from shore or underwater objects like reefs and wrecks.

Multi Engines Configuration Only

StayPoint® “marks” your position and heading, while maintaining the spot within 3 metres (ideal conditions) or 23 metres (high winds/currents). This is handy when waiting to dock or refuel. The vessel can move in 1.5, 3 or 6 metre increments (preset in the gauge) with a bump of the joystick forward, reverse or to either side. One twist of the joystick will move the bow heading angle by 1 degree, while a twist and hold will move it by 5 degrees, with additional twists up to 50 degrees.

Single Engine & Multi Engine

Another innovative feature of the Helm Master® EX system is the integration of Yamaha’s all-new Autopilot system – making getting to your off-shore destination easier, more direct and efficient. With the simple push of a button or a few taps on your compatible Multifunction Display, you can quickly plot out your journey, sit back and let the Helm Master® EX Autopilot and Digital Electric Steering do their thing.