Fish 360 M

Center Console

The F360M delivers exactly what serious fishermen demand in a sportfishing centre console boat. The cockpits are designed to have abundant room for 360° of fishing, coupled with our sharp bow entry, it provides you with the driest ride possible to go to the extreme!

The F360M is the ideal boat for anglers who are seeking a serious sports fishing centre console. With the combination of high side decks and an oversized cast deck that has over 2 square meters of fishing room, it is a boat you and your fishing mates can feel safe whilst targeting your favourite fish.

If offshore fishing is not really your thing but you’re looking for a great family boat that allows unobstructed movement, why not turn the front cast deck into an oversize sun/day bed? Swap out the bait board for a ski pole and you will have yourself the ideal family fun boat.

Designed for offshore fishing but also keeping all boating enthusiasts in mind, the F360 range are all factory standard with self-draining decks allowing any excess water to exit the boat with ease.

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F360M Brochure & Performance Bulletin

Cruise Craft F360M 360 Degrees of Unobstructed Deck Space

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