Outsider 635

Soft Top

The Outsider 635 delivers on comfortable seating, an abundance of features, a luxurious cabin and exceptional overall performance. This 6.35m cabin boat is also great for cruising with family and friends or enjoying a weekend away.

Anglers who are serious about offshore fishing can option up the Outsider 635 with all the game fishing gear that you could hope for, with the versatility of a family-friendly fun boat retained. The Cruise Craft Outsider is living proof that you can have the very best of both worlds.
Small and easy to handle, light to tow, utilising more modest outboard power on the transom, the Outsider 635 is an easy blue water boat to own. You’ll also be the absolute envy of other boaters at the ramp when you set off for a weekend of boating.

Specs Overview
Hull Length
Max Beam
Weight BMT
Max No. Persons
Fuel Capacity
Max HP

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Cruise Craft Outsider 635 Ultimate in Versatility

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